NAGAH has been set up to support child and adult victims of sexual abuse, gang rape and trafficking. We aim to help every victim to become a survivor by offering assistance in relocation, personal security, legal advice and counselling to start a new life in safety in a new location where possible. We also campaign against the corrupt and cowardly institutions that allow this to happen and cover up past and current sickening crimes against our children. We are partners with a variety of similar groups across the country and also offer other support services such as local patrols, evidence gathering, emergency victim extraction, after care and educational programmes for organisations like schools, abortion clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals that need to recognise the symptoms of grooming and abuse, and where to report suspected instances of it. We aim to be an umbrella organisation for all the like minded groups operating across the country where we can support each other, swap experiences, ideas and information to create a comprehensive structure and guide to fighting nationally against insidious CSA & CSE from every angle.


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The insidious premeditated manipulation of children by adults with eventual sexual abuse as the prime objective. Child victims are often but not always vulnerable due to dysfunctional family life, poverty, mental health issues, loneliness, low self esteem or just simply because they live in an area surrounded by deviant sexual predators. Various techniques are employed by the deviant groomer during the different stages of the process of grooming manipulation including but not limited to: friendship, gift giving, affection, romance, introduction to alcohol and drugs, isolation, secrecy, intimidation, violence, blackmail, threats to family. The various stages of the process can often be broken down to the following:
Stage 1. Targeting the victim. Stage 2. Gaining the victims trust. Stage 3. Filling a need. Stage 4. Isolating the child. Stage 5. Sexualizing the relationship Stage 6. Maintaining control.
All Grooming is performed either “online“ or “localised“
Sexual grooming of children over the internet is most prevalent (99% of cases) amongst the 13–17 age group, particularly among 13–14 year old children (48%). The majority of them are girls. The majority of the victimisation occurs with mobile phone support. Children and teenagers with behavioural issues such as “high attention seeking“ have a much higher risk than others
Localised grooming is a form of sexual exploitation – previously referred to as ‘on street grooming’ in the media – where children have been groomed and sexually exploited by an offender, having initially met in a location outside their home. This location is usually in public, such as a park, cinema, on the street or at a friend’s house. Offenders often act together, establishing a relationship with a child or children before sexually exploiting them. Some victims of ‘street grooming’ may believe that the offender is in fact an older ‘boyfriend’; these victims introduce their peers to the offender group who might then go on to be sexually exploited as well. Abuse may occur at a number of locations within a region and on several occasions. ‘Localised grooming’ was the term used by CEOP in the intelligence requests issued to police forces and other service agencies in order to define the data we wished to receive.
Localised grooming can happening with one perpetrator or with a group of perpetrators known as a Grooming Gang.
Two types of sexual abuse by groups….
In 2013, CEOP published a study (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) looking at “contact sexual offending against children by non-related adults”. They found that there are two types of group-based abuse……..
“TYPE 1” group abuse involves targeting a victim, or victims, based on their vulnerability. CEOP says: “The focus here appears to be on the sexual abuse of teenagers and young adults on the basis of their vulnerability, rather than as a result of a specific preferential sexual interest in children `{`…`}` CEOP assesses that TYPE 1 offenders are unlikely to identify themselves as having a sexual interest in children, but molest children because they are vulnerable to sexual exploitation.”
According to official court statistics “TYPE 1” grooming gang members tend to be predominantly (84%) of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin and 90% includes other ethnicities of the Islamic faith.
“TYPE 2” group abusers are defined as having “a longstanding sexual interest in children”. TYPE 2 groups operate in a way that’s often characterised as a paedophile “ring”. In other words, these offenders are not simply targeting children because they are vulnerable, but because they are children.
Type 2 paedophiles are generally formed of over 90% predominantly white British men as per the % of the demographic breakdown of males within the UK.
We at NAGAH find all forms of child grooming abhorrent and offer support to victims and their families of all types of grooming.
There are a multitude of institutional agencies and independent publicly organised anti grooming groups already in existence that combat specifically online paedophile groomers to much success, such as Dark Light Paedophile Hunters, and they are publicised widely on social media
We have all heard of the existence of a comparatively small number of British paedophile rings involving white Christian politicians or Church ministers that come to light and lead to prosecutions, or have been and continue to be covered up by the hierarchy to the shame of the establishment.
However there is one type of grooming mentioned above industrial in scale and nationwide in scope. It is both historical and current, it is racist, violent, organised sex slavery and trafficking of children. It involves tens of thousands of child rape victims annually, and perhaps millions of victims over the last 30 years or more.
It is called Type 1 Grooming and it is allowed to happen relatively unchallenged due to political correctness by our institutions that would rather see generations of our children suffer humiliating debased sexual exploitation, slavery, violence and murder, rather than confront the fact that vile grooming gang prosecutions are composed of men 84% of whom are of Pakistani / Bangladeshi heritage. It is a sick statistic and true cultural phenomena that has been brushed under the carpet for decades due to cowardice and other factors by the institutions that are elected or established to protect and serve our society.
We will fiercely and openly explore all of the factors that contribute to this complex issue, that has resulted in a sub culture of mainly Pakistani Muslim men and their organised crime syndicate brazenly defiling our children for decades, so emboldened by the inaction, complicity, and cover ups by government, local councils, social services, mainstream media, and police, a result of paralysis from political cowardliness, corruption, vote rigging or whatever else drives this sickening phenomena and dereliction of care for children.